Transport & Minibus

We aim to make things easier for busy parents. Our Minibus service allows children to be collected before school and dropped back after.

Please note the Minibus currently leaves the school at 4 pm and does not drop off after any of the after school clubs.

For current routes & more detailed information, please see our FAQ below:

What time does the bus run and where does it stop?

Route 1

  • 7.35 Kings Road
  • 7.40 Redlands Road
  • 7.45 Christchurch Road
  • 7.55 Pell Street Bus Stop
  • 8.00 St Saviours Road
  • 8.10 Berkley Avenue
  • 8.15 Kenilworth Avenue
  • 8.30 Lorne Street
  • 8.40 Patrick Road
  • 8.45 – 8.50 Arrive at Hemdean House

Route 2

  • 8.00 Lakeside, Earley
  • 8.15 Fobney Street
  • 8.30 Fraiser Avenue, Caversham Park Village
  • 8.45 Arrive at Hemdean House

How much does each journey cost?

The bus costs £5 per journey or £47.50 return per week.

Where exactly do I catch the bus from?

The school will give you the precise location of where to meet the bus once you’ve booked.

Who is the bus driver?

The main driver is Darren and our second driver is Neil. We are fully insured with brand new busses on the routes.

As the bus has seat belts, the driver ensures that each child is strapped in before leaving.


How do I book my child onto the bus?

Regular use can be booked through the form attached. Please book half termly in advance to be assured of a place.

If you wish to use the minibus on an ad hoc basis please contact the office so that a space can be booked.

Minibus Booking Form

How do I pay for the minibus usage?

The School will send you a separate invoice which should be paid within 30 days.

Is there a minimum age?

No. All children attending Hemdean House School can use the service. By special request, children attending Play Day Nursery (located at the bottom of the School drive) can be booked on the bus as well.

My child is sick and was meant to be on the minibus – who do I contact?

Please contact your regular driver before 7.15am on the day (at the latest). The number will be communicated once booked.

My child is booked on the bus – how would I know if the bus is not running?

If the bus service for whatever reason is not running, you will be informed via a ParentMail as soon as possible.

What happens to my child when they reach Hemdean House School?

The School buses usually arrives before 8.45am.

All children in Rec up to Year 2 are escorted off the bus and into their classroom. Prep School children go to class on their own.

I usually drop off my child at School – can I phone the School to check they have arrived ok?

The School understands that some children may be used to being dropped off by a parent at the School. Therefore, a child may be anxious catching the bus and arriving at School on the first few occasions.

You will meet the bus driver and handover your child when the bus arrives at your stop. Naturally, any parent can contact the School to check on their child and how they felt arriving to School on those initial journeys.

The School is shut due to snow – will I know this information before I set off to the bus stop?

The School will try to communicate to ALL parents before 7.30am if it is closed via Parentmail and the Class Rep “Whatsapp” groups.

What if I am running late – will the bus wait for me?

If you are running late please contact your regular driver – However, the bus cannot wait for long at each stop. It is unfair on the children already on the bus and Parents have timed their train journeys to work in particular, therefore as a courtesy to all using the service, please endeavour to be on time at your stop.

Users who are persistently late will be refused from the service.

Is there an afternoon minibus service?

There is an afternoon minibus service leaving school at 4pm. This does not include drop-offs after school clubs at present. However, your child can be booked into After Care Club after a club until 6pm.