Terms & Conditions and School Rules

Entry to the School

  • An offer of a place for your child at the School is accepted by the completion of the Acceptance Agreement form and payment of the deposit.
  • The £750 deposit is not refundable if your child does not take up a place at the School, but will be returned on completion of the pupil’s education with us, providing all books and school property is returned and all financial obligations are met (i.e. when pupils have completed Year 6). In the event that the pupil’s education is terminated at Hemdean House School before this time the fee will not be refunded.
  • Any disability or additional educational need has been provided to the school by parents with full written details, including any reports from external agencies, at the point of registering interest for admission and any additional information. The pre-existing SEND and the need of the class, the applicant will be joining will be taken into consideration as part of the application process. We aim to have balanced classes and the needs of the whole class must be considered.
  • The School has the right to refuse entry if the school is unable to educate your child; in this case, your deposit would be refunded. Should the school become aware of information that was withheld on application, any offer of a place may be subsequently withdrawn, notice will be given, and the deposit retained.

Fees and Extras

  • Fees cover the School’s normal curriculum, including most books and stationery. Other items, such as private music, dance or drama lessons, trips and visits for which you consent to your child’s participation, after school and holiday care and other extra-curricular activities will be charged as extras.
  • Fees for entry to public examinations will be charged as extras.
  • Additional charges incurred by the school in providing for the special educational needs of a pupil will be charged as extras.
  • The liability to pay fees and any extras is the joint liability of each person who has signed the acceptance form.
  • Each invoice must be paid either: in full before the first day of term; or in ten monthly instalments, with extras being collected at the start of each term or as required.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to allow your child to attend the School while the fees remain unpaid. You consent to us informing any other school to which you propose to send your child of any outstanding fees.
  • The Governing Body has the right to review the fees for a year by giving you notice in writing at least one term before the start of the year.
  • Fees and prepaid extras will not be refunded for absence through any cause; nor will a refund be made if the term is shortened. Your child may be given the option of study leave at home immediately before, during and after public examinations, and no rebate of fees will be made in respect of such periods spent at home.

Events requiring Notice in Writing

  • You must give one term’s written notice or payment in lieu in the following cases: withdrawal of your child before completion of their education at Hemdean House School (Year 6).  You are also required to give one term’s notice regarding the discontinuance of a private tuition extra lesson.

Removal or Suspension of a Child

  • The Head may in his/her absolute discretion require you to remove, or may suspend or expel your child from the School if he/she considers that your child’s attendance, progress or behaviour is unsatisfactory in any way, and in the opinion of the Head the removal is in the best interests of the School or those of your child or other children.
  • The Head may in his/her absolute discretion require you to remove or may suspend or expel your child if his or her behaviour off the school premises and in or out of term time be such that, in the Head’s opinion, it brings the school into disrepute.
  • The Head may in his/her absolute discretion require you to remove or may suspend or expel your child if the behaviour of either parent is, in the opinion of the Head, unreasonable and affects or is likely to affect adversely the child’s or other children’s progress at the School.
  • Should the removal, suspension or expulsion of your child occur you shall not be entitled to any refund or remission of fees or extras paid or due. Any deposit paid will be forfeited but fees in lieu of notice will not be charged.
  • In the event of the removal, suspension or expulsion of your child, you may, within 14 days, apply to the School Council for a review of the decision to be made, in accordance with the School’s complaints procedure.

School Rules

  • It is a condition of remaining at the School that your child complies with the School rules as amended from time to time. In particular, you undertake to ensure that your child attends School punctually and regularly throughout each term and that your child conforms with such rules of appearance, dress and behaviour as shall be issued by the School.

The School’s Care and Education of your Child

  • PHYSICAL CONTACT  You consent to your child receiving such physical contact as may be lawful, appropriate and proper for teaching and to provide comfort in distress or to maintain good order.
  • URGENT MEDICAL CARE  If your child requires urgent medical attention while at School all reasonable efforts will be made to obtain your prior consent. However, should we be unable to contact you we shall be authorised to make the decision on your behalf in consenting to urgent treatment recommended by a doctor.
  • HEALTH PROBLEMS  You undertake to inform the School of any health or medical condition or allergy that your child has, or subsequently develops, whether long-term or short-term, including any infections. Medical forms must be up to date
  • COURT ORDERS  The Head must be notified in writing immediately of any court orders in relation to your child.
  • ABSENCE  The Head must be informed in writing of the reason for any prolonged absence from school by your child. A telephone call will suffice for a single day’s absence through illness. Wherever possible the Head’s prior consent should be sought for any foreseeable absence from the School.
  • We cannot accept any responsibility for the welfare of your child off the School premises (without permission) when not taking part in a school activity or when waiting to be collected from School.
  • COMPLAINTS AND BULLYING  If you have cause for concern as to a matter of safety, care, discipline or progress of your child you must inform the School without delay. In particular in relation to alleged bullying, we cannot be held responsible for failing to address a situation of which we are not aware. Any complaints should be made in accordance with the School’s Complaints Procedure.
  • CURRICULUM  It is our policy to educate each child through a broad and balanced curriculum, and the principles on which the school is run are set out in the prospectus; however, the prospectus does not form part of the agreement between us and we reserve the right to make changes to it and to the curriculum if we feel that it is necessary to do so. We will give parents a term’s notice of significant changes in policy likely to materially to affect the School community.
  • PROGRESS REPORTS  We shall monitor your child’s progress at School and produce regular written reports.
  • SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS  We shall advise you if we have any concern about your child’s progress but we do not undertake to diagnose dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties. We are able to supply to you contact information for experts who are able to conduct a formal assessment at your expense. We would be prepared to support any advice given as far as possible, but you may be asked to withdraw your child (without being charged fees in lieu of notice) if in the opinion of the Head the School cannot provide adequately for your child’s special educational needs. Your deposit would be refunded in these circumstances.
  • DISABILITIES  Pupils with disabilities will be treated no less favourably than other pupils.


  • INSURANCE  You must make your own insurance arrangements if you require cover for your child’s property or against personal accident while at school.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY  You consent to our supplying information and a reference in respect of your child to any educational institution which you propose your child may attend. [We will take care to ensure that all information that is supplied relating to your child is accurate and any opinion given on his or her ability, aptitude for courses and character is fair, but cannot be liable for any loss your child is alleged to have suffered resulting from a reference or report given by us.] You agree to inform us of any applications made by or on behalf of your child to any other educational establishment.
  • COPYRIGHT  You agree to allow us to make reasonable use of photographs of your child for publicity and marketing purposes.
  • DATA PROTECTION  The School is registered under the Data Protection Act, which entitles us to store and process data concerning your child.
  • CHANGE OF ADDRESS  You undertake to notify the School of any change of address and other contact details. Communications requiring posting will be sent to your address in our records.
  • PROPER LAW  The contract between you and the School (of which these terms and conditions form part) is governed by English Law. You agree with us to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • VARIATIONS  These terms and conditions may be varied from time to time by the School giving you notice in writing of the variations.