Thank A Teacher Day 2021

23rd June 2021

Every year on Thank A Teacher Day, Teachers are celebrated up and down the country. After lockdown and Covid Teachers are more valued than ever and deserve thanks and praise. As the theme was ‘Star” everyone was asked to wear something sparkly to school. Our wonderful Head Teacher put together an outdoor assembly in the…

Wellington Country Park Trip – Years 1 & 2

22nd June 2021

This week, Years 1 and 2 went on a fantastic trip to Wellington Country Park. Though it was a soggy day, the children enjoyed all the outdoor activities. They visited the animal park and had the opportunity to feed the animals, learn facts about them and were also able to pet them. We also met,…

Cookery Class – Pretzel Making 🥨🥨😍

18th June 2021

This week in our cookery class our pupils were treated to Pretzel Making! The pupils had the option of salty toppings for a savoury snack or brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat! Miss Thomas was impressed with how many of the children had great pretzel twizzling skills!! And the pretzels tasted delicious ☺️

Living Rainforest Trip – Years 3 & 4

15th June 2021

This week Years 3 & 4 went on a fascinating tour learning all about amazing Adaptations’ at the living Rainforest. They were told how plants and animals have adapted to living in a rainforest environment and the different habitats and microhabitats found within them. They learned about epiphytes, a type of plant that lives on…

Recycling Week

11th June 2021

This week was Recycling Week and the recycled inventions made over half term showed a lot of creativity and fun, from games to bird feeders and bird homes, science experiments to makeup and pencil tidies all made from “junk” were colourful and well thought out. In this important week the Eco Committee submitted their final…

We’ve achieved our Sun Safe Accreditation 🎉👏🏽

7th June 2021

We are proud to announce that we have achieved our Sun Safe Accreditation! Mrs Illingworth has once again successfully guided our pupils through the Sun Safe Accreditation process! The whole school enjoyed lessons in Sun Safety while Years 3 and 4 participated in a Sun Safe Assembly to help to decide whether the sun is…

Forest School Update

21st May 2021

We are so very proud of the achievement of all the children in ensuring the sustainability of our woodland areas. The children have spent the last year taking care of their forest areas, planting saplings and seeds, clearing and maintaining the pond, reducing the amount of time spent in the forest to ensure the woods…

Three little duckies went swimming one day!!!

19th May 2021

Our little feathered friends had their first swim sessions yesterday and they had a great time! Fluffy, Lula and Crackers took to it, well like ducks to water There was lots of splashing about, swimming and feather grooming when they finished their dip. They are certainly far more active and less sleepy now!! We will…

Siblings have hatched!

17th May 2021

What could be better than a snuggle with your siblings! We’ve had two more hatchlings join our little Fluffy over the weekend! Our fantastic Year 1 teacher Miss T. was a brilliant ducky-sitter and made sure they were well looked after and cared for. All of the children were sooo excited to see the ducklings…

Duck Eggs from Incredible Eggs

14th May 2021

We received our eggs this week and were very excited to see the incubator set up and the cage and supplies dropped off. Today our first duckling hatched and is fluffing up nicely! It’s been busy making little peep noises and knocking on the other eggs hoping it’s siblings will wake up soon! There’s certainly…