International Families

Hemdean House actively welcomes families from overseas for the duration of their relocation to Reading from abroad.  Whether the period is for one term, one year or longer we can accommodate international children. The school is proud to be the educational solution for many families living in the area as a result of relocation posts and provides a happy, friendly and nurturing family environment. We successfully support children from abroad with settling in, integrating and continuing their education is whilst in the UK. Testimonials and recommendations from international families with children currently enjoying a Hemdean House education are always available.

Please note, we are not yet licenced for Tier 4 visas and therefore cannot offer spaces to pupils with this visa requirement.

At Hemdean House we have a long history of welcoming families relocating to the UK, recently we asked some of our pupils to tell us their favourite things about the school, in their own words and language.

Clemence – French

Monica – Italian

Julia – Spanish

Alia – Arabic

Ryan – Mandarin

Leon – English