At Hemdean House we believe the value of Physical Education goes way beyond the benefits to our pupils’ physical health.

We think that sport and phsyical activity of all kinds are crucial to our mental and emotional wellbeing. They teach us to deal with success and failure; to confront our own sef-doubt and come away with the confidence to try, fail then keep on trying until we succeed. Sport forces us to be independent but also to connect, communicate and collaborate with others. It shows us the benefits of teamwork and individual effort in equal measure. Sport develops our ability to think tactically, to plan strategically, to solve problems on the fly and then adapt when our plans go awry. Sport shows us that pleasure is not always immediate and that the greatest sense of self-fulfilment often comes at the cost of breathless hard work.

As such at Hemdean House the emphasis is on developing key physical skills through having fun. We aim to foster a love of movement that will last a lifetime.

Each term we focus on different traditional team sports, including football, netball, hockey, tag rugby and cricket and provide competitive fixtures with other schools where possible.

Alongside those sports we deliver an all-inclusive program of activities to include gymnastics, dance and games that develop fitness, critical thinking, creativity and imagination.

There are also after-school sports clubs for pupils of all ages, swimming lessons and Bikeability for years 5 and 6, to teach safe road cycling skills.