At Hemdean House, we recognise that every child is unique, having both strengths and difficulties at different stages in their life. We aim to nurture a child who can reach his or her potential, despite having barriers to learning. Through identification and support, we will make education provision to cater for individual needs and differences, offering an individualise approach to teaching and learning, allowing your child to access the curriculum.

Some children may have with difficulties in one or more of the 4 areas of SEND: learning and cognition; with physical/ sensory needs; language and communication needs; and social, emotional and mental health needs. Early identification, through an open and continued conversation between school and home, is key. We may do some screeners, informal assessments and observations to ascertain the right support for your child. We are also aware of the importance of building your child’s confidence and self-esteem through this procedure.  Monitoring and reviewing your child’s progress will further inform provisions.  We may recommend professional assessments, such as an Educational Psychologist, a Speech and Language Therapist or an Occupational therapist who can advise of further strategies to support the teaching and learning at school and at home.

Hemdean House offers different types of provision depending on the need of your child, be it in-class support, through Quality First Teaching; group intervention or 1:1 support. Provision may also be offered through assistive technology like pencil grips, slanted boards, wobble cushions, etc.

For further information on SEND procedures and processes, please refer to the Learning Support policy here and the Local Offer (below).