Jilly Carter

Jilly Carter is an ex- radio and TV journalist, and now the director of the communications consultancy Carter Communications Limited.

She graduated from the University of London with a BA in English, French and History of Art. She taught English as a foreign language in Paris, Lisbon and Rome, before joining BBC Radio Four in their Presentation department in London. She then moved to Bournemouth, working for Two Counties Radio, before joining Television South West in Plymouth, where she worked for nine years as a news reporter and presenter on the Six O’clock Show.

Jilly’s skill is in helping clients develop and communicate clear, memorable messages to a variety of audiences. She has extensive experience of working with a large range of companies and organisations – from London Business School to Intel, from EasyJet to The Trainline, the NHS and The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

She has worked with all of the major pharmaceutical companies in her role as a consultant on communications strategy and trains top doctors and academics to deliver data at major international conferences and talk to the media in a compelling way. She is regularly called upon to chair press briefings aimed at raising awareness of a variety of medical conditions. She works closely with patient advocacy groups, supporting areas such as heart disease, stroke, cystic fibrosis, and diabetes and breast cancer and regularly chairs advisory boards for KOLs.