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Hemdean House School

Independent School for Boys and Girls


Welcome to Hemdean House School

An affordable independent education with a friendly family atmosphere. We value every individual member of the school community - pupils, teachers and parents. Our boys and girls, taught in small classes, know they have an important contribution to make. Their confidence grows as they work and play happily on their way to achieving their goals.

Mrs Debbie Lee
BEd hons, MA in Ed

Latest News

  • Hemdean Times - March 2014

    The new edition of the Hemdean Times is out. To get your digital copy, click on the link in the News section.
  • Infants enjoy trip to Wellington Country Park

    Reception, Year 1 and 2 enjoyed the sunshine at Wellington Country Park. They spent the day hunting for bugs - and dinosaurs- as well as petting animals on the farm and taking a train ride. Of course the day wouldn't be complete without an ice cream!
  • Seniors win Police Drama Competition

    Huge congratulations go to the seniors and Mrs. Hine for winning the Police Drama Competition with their play 'Media Crash' . The pupils gave up their Easter holiday to write and rehearse the play and then put on a performance for the judges in May. They were presented with a trophy and medals at a special performance at South Street Arts Centre on Friday 4th July. The sobering message of the play, not to text whilst driving, came across very forcefully to the audience, and is hopefully a message that will remain with the pupils and the audience for ever.
  • Infants Perform 'Seven Little Penguins@

    On this particular day young Goggles becomes upset at being left behind by his brothers and sisters. They cheer him up with his favourite sardine ice cream, and go off fishing. But whilst they are away, Goggles has unwanted visitors - Snitch the Snow fox and Nick and Nock the Polar Bears, the notorious local robbers! Goggles hides as the robbers fill their sacks with goodies. When they have gone, Goggles goes to tell the other penguins, but they are nowhere to be found. All he finds is a beautiful shoal of fish and a whale dancing magically beneath the ice! He decides to find the robbers by himself and bravely sets off into the snow. Later, the other penguins wonder where Goggles has gone and enroll the help of PC Blubber, the "limerick-speaking" walrus policeman. Goggles discovers a creepy cave and has fun listening to his echo, not realising that it is made by the mischievous icicles playing musical games. Goggles eventually finds the robber's lair but is soon discovered by them! Just in time the icicles appear and capture the robbers, forming icy prison bars around the penguins. Icicles and PC Blubber all celebrate with a song and a dance. A most enjoyable production!

    We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the national Sun Safe School accreditation from the Skin Cancer Charity "Skcin". This is an initiative for primary schools to help make children aware of the fun of being in the sun but also how they must take care to protect their skin. The children have worked hard on a number of activities and have taken note of their learning as evidenced by the smell of sun cream in the classrooms and sea of hats at break times! Well Done to Everyone!
  • Years 3-6 Visit to Marwell Zoo

    The Juniors had a most enjoyable trip to Marwell Zoo last week. A workshop on animal adaptations and watching the penguins were just two of the highlights.

    Congratulations to our Year 11 pupils on their GCSE results. 71% gained 5A*-C including Maths and English, and they all achieved the grades they needed to move on to further education at the establishment of their choice. Once again our results are significantly higher than national expectations and the results reflect the high level of support and dedication our experienced staff provide for our motivated students.
  • Infants enjoy the visit from the firemen

    Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Caversham Road Firemen. Mrs. Lester had the privilege of being dressed up in the fireman's protective suit to the great amusement of all the children.
  • Year 2 Visit to Waitrose

    Year 2 enjoyed a visit to Waitrose to find out prices of fruit and vegetables. They were also given a behind the scenes tour of the store rooms, fridges and freezers. Waitrose also kindly donated a selection of fruit and vegetables that they enjoyed eating after returning to school.
  • Year 4 Cook Aztec Food

    Year 4 have had fun making Aztec food as part of their studies on the Aztecs. They made tortillas and Aztec hot chocolate!
  • Years 5 & 6 Trip to the Apple Store in the Oracle

    Year 5 & 6 had a wonderful time at the Apple Store in the Oracle.
  • Dinosaurs come to Hemdean

    On Wednesday 11th June, the school hall was filled with dinosaurs. The infants had an amazing day learning all about them.
  • Pupils enjoy Latin Club

    A group of pupils from Years 4.5 and 6 were lucky enough to be given an insight in to the Latin language when three Reading boys came in to school as part of their community service programme. The children spoke and translated the language, wrote and performed plays and tasted Roman food, and with comments like "Latin is so much fun" I think we can count the initiatve as a success!
  • Year 5 Visit to Englefield Estate

    Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful countryside day at the Englefield Estate near Pangbourne. The children looked at the Victorian house and home museum and used a fireman's hand pump. Watching ferrets race, sheep being sheared and birds of prey was popular as well as a variety of interesting talks about farming and the countryside. Walking around the estate completed a very busy day.