The King’s Coronation Celebrations

10th May 23

Uncertain weather did not stop Hemdean House School from having a Royal Celebration on Friday 5th May. Staff and pupils arrived to celebrate the day in bright-coloured red, white and blue outfits, crowns, hair accessories and hats.

Starting with an assembly with a special visit from King Charles III, Camilla the Queen Consort and the Arch Bishop Of Canterbury (alias Lewis, Leon and Karianne from Year 6) to explain the key moment of the coronation, the children then all headed off for a fun morning with their buddies. There were a number of Royal themed art activities, including making a crown, collage of the insignia, silhouettes of King Charles, and piping decorations on cupcakes. This kept the children engaged in learning about our royal heritage whilst enjoying time off curriculum with their buddies.

A wonderful picnic lunch of hot dogs, biscuits, scones and fruit went down very well after a very busy morning. Energy renewed, and now that the sun was shining, there was much enthusiasm for our Kite Festival filling the sky with red, white and blue kites around the school. The excited faces of the children were a joy to behold and afforded many wonderful photographs.

The sunny afternoon continued with fun and games festivities including a race to set a table with the appropriate cutlery and crockery fit for a Royal banquet, tennis and other fun games.

Feeling happy and tired the children had many souvenirs to take home, not only all of their creations from the morning, their kite, a beautiful badge and pencil to mark the occasion. The day was certainly one we will all remember.