A summer tea party to celebrate our 160th anniversary with old friends

30th June 19

As part of the School’s 160th birthday celebrations, Hemdean House School held a tea party for its alumni on Saturday June 22nd.

The day was a real success as we had over 40 alumni attend, one coming from as far as the US and many of them had fabulous stories to tell. (Did you know the Tennis Court used to be an Orchard? And the HEU was the school hall at one point!)

There was a most impressive display of archive material loaned to us by Reading Museum, including photographs of the School dating back to the early 1900s and newspaper articles on the 125 year Anniversary celebrations.

Many described their time at Hemdean as the best days of their lives and this heartfelt sentiment and genuine love for the School could be felt by all who attended the event.

We will be welcoming all parents, children, staff, alumni and the Caversham community to the School again on September 22nd from 2-5pm for a Victorian themed fete as we are taking part in the National “Heritage Days” events. As well as repeat tours of the School we’ll have a bigger school museum display, stalls, food and drink.

We expect it to be a really fun way to celebrate our Heritage with our local community.

Look forward to seeing you there!