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Welcome to our new Buddy System

14th September 2021

This week we introduced a new Buddy System to Hemdean House School. Each of our juniors has been assigned a younger child to ‘look out for’ in school. The purpose of the Buddy System is to enable our younger pupils to feel supported and cared for at playtimes, on special learning days and in important…

Welcome back to School

13th September 2021

Today we welcomed our pupils back to their first full week of school! Everyone was pleased to be back last week and are looking forward to the new school year. How exciting that we can get back to firsts post COVID such as swimming classes and clubs! #hemdeanhouseschool #hemdeanhouse ##hemdeanhousecaversham #privateprepschool #independentprepschool #independentprimaryschool #primaryschoolcaversham #swimming…

We’ve achieved our Sun Safe Accreditation 🎉👏🏽

7th June 2021

We are proud to announce that we have achieved our Sun Safe Accreditation! Mrs Illingworth has once again successfully guided our pupils through the Sun Safe Accreditation process! The whole school enjoyed lessons in Sun Safety while Years 3 and 4 participated in a Sun Safe Assembly to help to decide whether the sun is…

Three little duckies went swimming one day!!!

19th May 2021

Our little feathered friends had their first swim sessions yesterday and they had a great time! Fluffy, Lula and Crackers took to it, well like ducks to water There was lots of splashing about, swimming and feather grooming when they finished their dip. They are certainly far more active and less sleepy now!! We will…

Siblings have hatched!

17th May 2021

What could be better than a snuggle with your siblings! We’ve had two more hatchlings join our little Fluffy over the weekend! Our fantastic Year 1 teacher Miss T. was a brilliant ducky-sitter and made sure they were well looked after and cared for. All of the children were sooo excited to see the ducklings…

Duck Eggs from Incredible Eggs

14th May 2021

We received our eggs this week and were very excited to see the incubator set up and the cage and supplies dropped off. Today our first duckling hatched and is fluffing up nicely! It’s been busy making little peep noises and knocking on the other eggs hoping it’s siblings will wake up soon! There’s certainly…

World Book Day – Take 2

14th May 2021

Everyone enjoys dressing up, and on Friday 14th May, the children enjoyed representing their favourite book character in our World Book Day II.  Being able to share our costumes with everyone was great fun and a great bonus to our Virtual day in March.  Raising money for the Book Trust and their work in ensuring…

World Book Day 2021

5th March 2021

Lockdown couldn’t spoil the fun yesterday! World Book Day -Online was absolutely brilliant! We loved seeing all the different book characters, but it looked like Harry Potter was a top choice throughout the year groups!! Although this was fun online, we can’t wait to welcome the children back to school next week

Heamdean House Painting

9th December 2020

Many thanks to Mr Roberts for coming in to gift us a wonderful painting of Hemdean House. He painted our school to commemorate our 160th Anniversary. Our Year 3 Teacher Miss Roberts’ father is an incredibly talented painter who has captured the school beautifully. The painting is displayed in the office for all to enjoy…

Christmas Craft & Jumper Day

7th December 2020

Today’s Christmas crafts day went fantastically well. Thanks to the PTA’s amazing craft packs and the teachers’ hard work, children were able to make oasis table centrepieces, decoupage ornaments and even chocolate truffles. We had great feedback from lots of parents who were happy to have received such lovely decorations from their children. It was…