Month: November 2021

Berkshire Maestros’ Junior Music Festival 2021

25th November 2021

Members of our Junior Choir were invited to the Hexagon on Wednesday to sing songs about saving the planet with children from many other local schools. It was hard work learning 13 songs but lots of fun! We performed alongside an excellent band of professional musicians and enjoyed spotting the instruments some of us play….


17th November 2021

Fluffy came into Hemdean to visit the children. She is a Hermanns tortoise who is 15 years old. She loves to eat dandelions and lettuce and enjoys a warm bath. The children enjoyed stroking, feeding and bathing her. What an adventure!

Anti Bullying Week / Odd Sock Day Assembly 2021

16th November 2021

On Tuesday afternoon Year 3 presented their assembly on the theme Anti-bullying. They explored what bullying is (with help from the audience too), including acting out a bullying situation and asking the audience if they should be the bully, the person being bullied, the defender, or the bystander who does nothing. We also discussed how…

Remembrance Day Assembly 2021

12th November 2021

After last week’s success and excitement of Outdoor Learning Day, this week has had a bit more of a serious undertone. With Remembrance Day having been on Thursday all of the year, groups were preparing to honour those fallen. The poppies on our gates were handmade by our pupils using old plastic bottles and paint…

Problem Solving Week 2021

10th November 2021

Hemdean House School has been a hive of busy maths activity this week with all classes engaged in problem-solving tasks. We know that problem solving is an important area in the children’s learning in maths and the week was offered a wonderful opportunity to challenge their thinking whilst developing mathematical skills and knowledge. Activities in…

Outdoor Learning Day 2021

7th November 2021

The day may have been a bit grey but the sun was shining at School for Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday 4th November. The children spent some if not all of the day outdoors in a variety of activities. The Infants found there were many uses for a stick both imaginatively and building 3D shapes….

Giving back – School Council delivers HHS Harvest Food Donations to ReadiFood

3rd November 2021

1. When did the charity start? FAITH Christian Group was started in 1990 as a response to a need that its founder, Jim McConnell, saw on the streets of Reading. Readifood is a branch of this charity and was started 15 years ago with two shelves of food. 2. Who will you give the food…