Category: Forest School

Outdoor Learning Day 2021

7th November 2021

The day may have been a bit grey but the sun was shining at School for Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday 4th November. The children spent some if not all of the day outdoors in a variety of activities. The Infants found there were many uses for a stick both imaginatively and building 3D shapes….

Vegetable Sculpting Competition

17th October 2021

What a wonderful half term we have had in Forest School. Time outside in the Autumn sunshine, den building and enjoying the woodland, cooking with wonderful Autumn fruits and finally the jewel in the crown – House Vegetable Sculpting. A bit different this year we have taken inspiration from Carl Warner and Giuseppe Arcimboldo and…

Living Rainforest Trip – Years 3 & 4

15th June 2021

This week Years 3 & 4 went on a fascinating tour learning all about amazing Adaptations’ at the living Rainforest. They were told how plants and animals have adapted to living in a rainforest environment and the different habitats and microhabitats found within them. They learned about epiphytes, a type of plant that lives on…

Recycling Week

11th June 2021

This week was Recycling Week and the recycled inventions made over half term showed a lot of creativity and fun, from games to bird feeders and bird homes, science experiments to makeup and pencil tidies all made from “junk” were colourful and well thought out. In this important week the Eco Committee submitted their final…

Forest School Update

21st May 2021

We are so very proud of the achievement of all the children in ensuring the sustainability of our woodland areas. The children have spent the last year taking care of their forest areas, planting saplings and seeds, clearing and maintaining the pond, reducing the amount of time spent in the forest to ensure the woods…

The Willow Garden Project

13th May 2021

We would like to say a special ‘Thank You’ to Marco and Darren for their extraordinarily hard work over the Easter Break. They spent a great deal of time and effort transforming our previously tired and well used Willow Garden into a beautiful and calm place to sit, relax and ponder. They continuously keep our…

The Hemdean House Pollution Preventers (Eco Committee)

11th May 2021

We are delighted to reinstate the Pollution Preventers (Eco Committee) if in a smaller COVID Safe way. We are just meeting as a bubble of Year 3 and 4 children. Eloise from Year 3 is our Chair, with Victory from Year 4 and Anya from Year 3 as class representatives. Of course other children from…

The Dandelion Workshop

7th May 2021

Welcome to the Summer Term! With everyone settled back into school, we can’t wait to get going. This term is packed full of exciting and interesting things for our pupils to do. Kicking off our workshops was our Dandelion Workshop for Forest School. The children learned that it is far from just being a gardener’s…

Silver Eco Schools Award received!

21st April 2021

We were delighted to receive our Silver Eco Schools Award on returning from our Easter break and are now making a final push to achieve our Green Flag Status which all the children are contributing to during Forest School lessons.

Spring Forest School Update

18th March 2021

We have had a busy week in Forest School and a feeling the weather is warming up. Reception had great fun making some bird feeders for all the busy birds around school. Year 5 and 6 started the big job of tidying up our garden ready for some planting. There was lots of hard work…