Forest School Update

21st May 21

We are so very proud of the achievement of all the children in ensuring the sustainability of our woodland areas. The children have spent the last year taking care of their forest areas, planting saplings and seeds, clearing and maintaining the pond, reducing the amount of time spent in the forest to ensure the woods were given time to regenerate and when they were in the forest limiting the activities to prevent further erosion and WOW what a success it has been. The woods have never looked so green and lush, trees which seemed to be dying have returned with new shoots and leaves, holly bushes have flourished and the saplings have sprouted. We have an abundance of wild garlic and cow parsley and our first bluebells. There are tadpoles in the ponds and coal tits nesting in the bird boxes. The children have all shown great appreciation of having their rejuvenated forest back and Year 5 and 6 are creating an identification book with labelled drawings of the plants to be found in the woods. Well done everyone.