Wellington Country Park Trip – Years 1 & 2

22nd June 21

This week, Years 1 and 2 went on a fantastic trip to Wellington Country Park. Though it was a soggy day, the children enjoyed all the outdoor activities. They visited the animal park and had the opportunity to feed the animals, learn facts about them and were also able to pet them. We also met, guineapigs, sheep, Shetland ponies, a variety of goats, cows and even some Alpacas!

The children also took a train ride around fairy village and we had lots of fun trying to spot the letters of the alphabet whilst on our ride. It was a welcomed rest after all of the walking! Towards the end of our trip, we stopped for a well-deserved ice cream and visited the dinosaur park with lots of roars and grumbles from the enormous dinosaurs! We were not scared but more interested to learn about the carnivores and herbivores in prehistoric times. The children were able to look at what a fossilised dinosaur would look like and created their own predictions as to why the dinosaurs have certain characteristics. Following our trip the children were able to write in full sentences about their favourite part of the trip and were also able to discuss what they might do if they made a dinosaur discovery!