Black History Month

7th October 21

For Black History Month this year, each class was tasked to research and prepare information about significant black individuals. We then showcased what we learned in a special Black History Month Assembly. In our delivery, we thought about the Core British Values of individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance for those of different ethnic backgrounds, faiths and beliefs. The children were fantastic, and the assembly was a success!

Reception focused on Dr Mae Jemison being the first black Astronaut in space. But beyond that, we learned that she is also a teacher, physicist and engineer!

Year 1 told us about the adventures of the explorer Matthew Henson who was one of the first men to reach the North Pole went on seven voyages to the Arctic!

Year 2 looked at Mary Seacole and told us about what an amazing Nurse she had been during the Crimean War and what hurdles she, as a black female, had to overcome in those times.

Year 3 learned about Benjamin Zephaniah, a black poet who writes about things he cares about. They recited his poem ‘Talking Turkies’ about being kind to your turkies.

Year 4 researched Black Artists and showed us some beautiful paintings in the style of Alma Thomas, who always wanted to become a painter but wasn’t allowed access to galleries due to the colour of her skin. So she moved to Washington, where she was allowed to take art lessons and pursue her dream. They also showed us Cityscape drawings of Reading in Stephen Wiltshire‘s style, whose Autism has given him photographic memory. He draws cityscapes by memory and in pen.

Year 5 learned about Rosa Parks, a well-known civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat in the ‘coloured section’ of the bus to a white person in 1955. She was subsequently arrested for civil disobedience, which inspired the black community to boycott the Montgomery buses for over a year and end the segregation on buses.

Year 6 researched Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister and activist who played an essential role in the American Civil Rights movement. His peaceful and nonviolent protest method inspired many, and his speech ‘I have a dream’ is the most well-known call to end racism.

The children were brilliant and should be very proud of themselves!