Giving back – School Council delivers HHS Harvest Food Donations to ReadiFood

3rd November 21

1. When did the charity start?

FAITH Christian Group was started in 1990 as a response to a need that its founder, Jim McConnell, saw on the streets of Reading. Readifood is a branch of this charity and was started 15 years ago with two shelves of food.

2. Who will you give the food to?

Readifood gives food to single people, couples, or families selected by agencies and then referred to Readifood. Then, they deliver the food to their homes.

3. How do you find Homeless People?

Readistreet feeds the homeless of Reading from a church in the town centre. They work with St Mungo’s and LaunchPad, plus sometimes the Probation Service to make contact with the homeless on the streets of Reading. These charities also make referrals to Readifood.

4. How do you travel to deliver the food?

Readifood own a small van and lease a bigger van to take the food to the families they are supporting?

5. How far do you travel to distribute the food?

Food is delivered all over the greater Reading area, including East and West Reading and Caversham.

6. Why do you like working here?

Sarah told us that she enjoys working at Readifood because she likes to help people. As a Christian herself, she feels it is her duty to help those who can’t help themselves, and she enjoys great job satisfaction as a result. She told us it makes her smile.

7. How do you pick the food for each parcel?

The Food Bank Manager has a set list of items that go in every parcel, including vegetables, fruit, ready meals, fish and drinks such as tea, coffee, squash and hot chocolate. Plus some little treats like chocolate. At Christmas, the families receive a Christmas parcel with lots of treats. As well as food and drink, Readifood also help to supply items such as nappies and baby wipes.

8. How often do you distribute the food?

On Monday, Readifood distributes to the refugees and then other families Tuesday to Friday.

9. How do you get the food?

The food received by Readifood is all from donations. Harvest collections are particularly helpful and enable the Food Bank to supply families up to Christmas.

10. How many people do you feed each week?

On a quiet week, 180 ford parcels are delivered, which will feed about 300 people. At the moment about 250 parcels are being delivered weekly feeding about 500 people.

The food we collected has been weighed, and Readifood has sent us a certificate to inform us how much we collected. Due to everyone generosity, we have collected double the amount donated last year! I am happy to confirm we have delivered 210kg of food to Readifood! A huge thank you to everyone for your donations.

Helen Chalmers and The School Council