Outdoor Learning Day 2021

7th November 21

The day may have been a bit grey but the sun was shining at School for Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday 4th November. The children spent some if not all of the day outdoors in a variety of activities. The Infants found there were many uses for a stick both imaginatively and building 3D shapes. Year 3 and 4 learnt that it wasn’t that easy living in the Stone Age; making carvings from soap and experimenting with natural paints before some fun camouflage work in science. Year 5 and 6 took on many challenges; they created an insulated mouse nest testing the temperature throughout the day and even at 3pm there was still some warmth inside. A further challenge to build a bridge to hold a bottle of water was more tricky but certainly got everyone talking and thinking of some innovative ideas. The infants and Years 5 and 6 finished the day with fabulous House teamwork creating natural Rangoli patterns in celebration of Diwali. I think everyone slept well!