Problem Solving Week 2021

10th November 21

Hemdean House School has been a hive of busy maths activity this week with all classes engaged in problem-solving tasks.

We know that problem solving is an important area in the children’s learning in maths and the week was offered a wonderful opportunity to challenge their thinking whilst developing mathematical skills and knowledge.

Activities in both key stages covered a broad range of topics and skills. In Reception pupils explored number bonds to 10 using Numicon and learnt how to share sandwiches amongst friends.

Pupils in Year 1’s learning came to life through practical activities using money whilst the Year 2s used their skills in reasoning about numbers to create trains using Cuisenaire rods!

Year 3 were kept busy working logically to complete Sudokus whilst Year 4 headed off on another problem journey – using trial and improvement in an investigation to seat people at party tables.

As for Years 5 and 6, they took great delight in developing their ability to work logically and deepen their maths reasoning skills through puzzles with symbols used for missing numbers.

All in all a wonderful week of maths learning – well done to all the staff and pupils.