Anti Bullying Week / Odd Sock Day Assembly 2021

16th November 21

On Tuesday afternoon Year 3 presented their assembly on the theme Anti-bullying. They explored what bullying is (with help from the audience too), including acting out a bullying situation and asking the audience if they should be the bully, the person being bullied, the defender, or the bystander who does nothing. We also discussed how bullies target people who are different. Year 3 shared things that made them different and so special and interesting, including liking maths, speaking more than one language, being named after a king and being good at football. Year 3 had created some artwork called ‘illustrated typography’ which are pictures made of words. Our theme for our illustrated typography was ‘Kind Words’, as this was the theme for this year. We came up with: Are you okay? Include. Tell (the teacher). Love. Supportive. I’m Sorry. Stop. Difference. Kind.