Year 4’s Windsor Castle Trip

21st October 22

On Thursday 20th October Year 4 went to Windsor Castle. We went on the minibus. When we arrived, we met our guide called Martin and started our workshop. In our workshop, we dressed up as kings and queens from history to act out the “changing power of the monarchy”. Different people dressed as different things. Charles was Willian the Conqueror, Nico was Henry VIII, Robbie was King Charles III, Misha was Charles I, Afonso was the Pope and other class members were Henry VIII wives and roundheads. Mrs Illingworth was the nasty King John! It was great fun and we all enjoyed dressing up and acting out our parts. Not sure about the beheading of the wives though! After lunch, we set off up the hill to the castle. We saw the Union Jack was flying so there was no royalty at home today. It was quite busy in the State Apartments but there were some incredible rooms and paintings. The gold and colours were amazing. One long hall had all the coats of arms on the roof and statues of all the kings and queens we have been learning about. We kept spotting Tudor Roses everywhere. Unfortunately, we could not visit St George’s chapel as there were long queues of people wanting to visit Queen Elizabeth II tomb. However, we did get to have our picture taken with a Guard who was on duty and saw him marching up and down which was cool. Sadly we had to finish the day a bit early because it started to pour with rain! But it was only about half an hour so not so bad and we had seen and done loads of fabulous things – a great day out.