Character Values: Integrity

2nd November 22

Following on from last term’s value of courage, our focus in the latter half of the autumn is integrity.

A value is a principle that guides our thinking and behaviour. We understand integrity as being honest and trustworthy.

As a school, we thought about examples to show honesty in our thinking, words and actions. We listened to the story of Philippe Quint, who accidentally left an 18th-century Stradivarius violin in the back of a taxi and was grateful for its return by Mohammed Khalil. We considered the feelings of this incident from both sides and along the journey of recovery and resolution. We considered what other outcomes there might have been without integrity.

Bringing this to a more personal level, we thought about how we can demonstrate this value. We know integrity becomes defined when we are considerate, caring, reliable and dependable.

What are some ways to show integrity?

  • We never keep something we have found because we think of how the person who has

lost it would feel.

  • Admit when you are wrong.
  • Say when you have had your fair share and give someone else a turn.
  • Act responsibly.
  • Be truthful and honest.

What is the impact of our honourable actions?

  • Telling the truth/ being honest stops people from getting hurt.
  • Telling the truth makes you feel better.
  • Telling the truth enables people to trust you.

Who are some famous people that have shown integrity?

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Mother Theresa
  • Marie Curie

Integrity is a character trait that we will all attempt to show, not just this term, but through our relationships with others, our attitude to learning, and our belief in ourselves and our actions.