Eco Committee News

19th December 22

The Eco Committee have been making their plans this term. One of the key issues which has inspired and shocked them all has been the number of endangered animals around the world. The group have done a lot of research and Karianne made a wonderful presentation about endangered animals. The children decided to particularly champion the Monk Seal and the Penguin. Both of these species are being affected by the amount of debris in our oceans and particularly plastics, which cause a variety of difficulties for the animals including entanglement and ingestion. Whilst there are operations to remove the debris the rate of accumulation continues. The school will continue with their plastic-free journey and the reduction of single-use plastics. They will continue with the Expansion Activities from Surfers Against Sewage – Plastic Free Schools to support the future of many of our popular creatures. The recent Big Brain Challenge to create an endangered animal from recycled materials was a great success, and we also hope to submit a combined project for an ISA Art Competition next year. There were many wonderful models, coupled with interesting research, which just proves how caring and passionate our children are. All of the Eco Committee members, or ECONAUTS as they decided to call themselves, have also each decided on an endangered animal to champion from turtles to leopards and elephants to polar bears. What an inspiring group of children to work with and we are all very excited and looking forward to developing ideas further.