Winchester Science Centre – by Year 6

10th February 23

On 9 February, we were lucky enough to go on a school trip to the Winchester Science Museum. When we first got there we were welcomed by the staff. We had five minutes of exploration before heading to our workshop – this was all to do with how our heart works and was really exciting! During the workshop, we were able to look at, and touch, a real lamb’s heart to look at the structure of a heart. We measured our lung capacity, looked at the inside of our bodies using an app and special t-shirts and we had a go at putting all of our organs back in the right place. There was even an opportunity for us to listen to our heartbeat using a stethoscope. This was quite tricky sometimes! The next activity was the planetarium and we learnt a lot more facts about the solar system. It was really exciting to feel like we were floating through space as the lady spoke about one part of the solar system and we travelled to the next. The rest of the afternoon was our opportunity to explore all of the different hands-on exhibits in the museum – we especially enjoyed the space section and pretending to put on a space suit! Everyone had a really fun day!