Leighton Park Super Chefs Competition by Year 5

1st March 23

On 23 February our class was invited to take part in the Leighton Park Super Chefs Competition. It’s a really lovely baking competition and we even had a yummy lunch while we were there. We had to make vanilla cupcakes and decorate them before handing our best one in to be judged.

The criteria were Originality & Creativity, Teamwork, Accuracy & Ability, Cleanliness & Safe Working.

We worked in groups to bake, which were Bethany & Alavya, Tom & Jude, Ren & Eloise and Anya worked on her own.

First, they demonstrated what steps we needed to follow and then let us start. We worked together to bake the cupcakes, making six each, then decorated them separately. While the cupcakes were baking, we practised some piping techniques. Ren decided to go with an underwater theme and submitted her turtle ‘Fred’; Bethany made a meadow out of different coloured icing and flowers. Alavya used glitter, flowers and different coloured icing while Anya wrote the word ‘Art’ and drew a paintbrush on her cupcake. Tom and Jude both went with an ocean theme. Tom’s focus was on turtles and Jude created a beach with crabs on it.

Then the winners were announced: Alavya and Anya won and Bethany and Eloise were runners up.

It was a great day and although it was challenging, it was really fun. And we got to take our cakes home!